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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Snap Browser. If this doesn't answer your questions please feel free to contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Will Snap work on all iPads?
Yes, Snap is optimised for the iPad 2 and the New iPad (3rd generation), but works fine on the iPad 1.
Where can I explore in detail more about Snap features?
There is a comprehensive Snap User Guide with clear illustrations of how Snap works using iPad screenshots. This can be downloaded from the link above.
Why does Snap save links to websites as icons?
It is well researched and established knowledge that humans posses a high degree of visual acuity and memory. We can all remember thousands of faces, many hundreds of images and countless views. It is this natural capacity for easily memorising images that Snap uses by way of icons to remind you of a special website and to organise your chosen websites in tabbed folders.
What do I see when I load Snap for the first time?
By default Snap comes with seven tabbed folders - these are preloaded with over 100 popular and useful websites we have chosen for you:

- Snap PicksOur choice of top sites
- News & InformationWorld Newspapers, Media, Science and Search
- ConnectSocial Networking, Ancestry, Dating, File and Photo Sharing
- LeisureSport, Games, Kids and Travel
- LifestyleTravel, Culture, Design, Food and Cooking
- ServicesWeather, Reference, Utilities and Learn
- ShoppingHome Making, Fashion, Auctions, Stores and Technology

There is also a Spare Folder ready for your own choices of website icons.
How do I change the Home Page?
By default Snap loads the home page at start-up. But you can change this to be any saved website by double tapping on a chosen website icon and selecting the Set As Home Page option.
Can I reorganise or delete these preloaded websites?
With Snap you can quickly and easily reorganise or delete icons just by pushing them across the screen with your finger.
Can I customise the tabbed folders?
Double tap on a tab to change its name or delete it.
Can I create my own folders?
There is always an empty Spare Folder available where you can save icon links to websites that you create yourself - we call these "Mycons". When you populate a Spare Folder with Mycons another will be automatically created in the tabbed column. There is no limit to the number of folders you can create and each folder can contain up to 64 Mycons or icons.
How do I save a link to a website?
When you find a website you wish to return to you save this by creating a Mycon. This is an area sampled from what you see on the website. After creating a Mycon you can organise it in any folder you wish. And also add your personal descriptions and notes to it.
What if there are no memorable images on a website I want to save?
You can easily sample any image from your own photo albums to create a Mycon.
Can I restore an icon or folder that I have deleted?
No, once deleted its gone. But as a tip instead of deleting icons why not save them in a library vault that you can create from a Spare Folder.
What will Snap have in future releases?
Snap is developing exciting new elements and features. Watch out for these updates on the Snap website or the App Store.
Will Snap be developed for the iPhone?
We are currently looking in to this. Please let us know what you think.
Do you welcome feedback and suggestions?
Very much so. We want to constantly improve the Snap user experience, so please send your comments to the team using the Contact Page on our website -
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